Recently the concept of exploitation has received renewed attention in moral and political theory. We invite papers from graduate students, early career, and senior researchers, on exploitation. Papers from a wide range of disciplines – philosophy, economics, sociology and political theory – that address topics the following (and related) topics are welcome:

What is exploitation?

What, if anything, is wrong with exploitation?

What is the cause of exploitation?

What role does exploitation play in broader moral and political theory?

Please prepare a 500 word abstract suitable for a 30 minutes presentation and send it to Benjamin Ferguson by 20 May, 2013. Authors will be notified of acceptance by 10 June, 2013. Selected participants should submit their full papers (ca. 4500 words) to the conveners by August 1 so that they can be circulated among the participants.

Panel Convenors:
Benjamin Ferguson (London School of Economics)

Email: b.r.ferguson@lse.ac.uk

Roberto Veneziani (Queen Mary, University of London)

Email: r.veneziani@qmul.ac.uk

General information about MANCEPT can be found here


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