The role and status of the Non-Citizen is under-examined. Citizenship has long been a crucial core concept in the development of political theory, with work being done to explore the nature of the status from a variety of angles, and in a variety of forms. Non-citizenship in its various forms is usually examined merely as the deprivation of citizenship. However, this workshop will use the status of the ´non-citizen´ as a starting point for discussion, in order to develop alternative ways to understand modern and evolving notions of citizenship, of justice, and of the state.

Papers that deal with the nature of ‘non-citizen’ship, whether from a theoretical or applied approach, will be welcome. Potential questions may include the following:

What is/should be the nature of ‘non-citizen’ship? What are/should be the implications of this status (or non-status)? What can the status of the non-citizen teach us about political theory more generally? Does it even make sense to talk about ´non-citizen’ship prior to a discussion of citizenship?

Is there a relevant shared status of ‘non-citizen’ship (or should the – sometimes overlapping – statuses of refugee, worker, asylum seeker, student, irregular migrant, for example, be kept separate)? How can the political activity of non-citizens direct the political framework in which citizenship is developed? What can we learn about citizenship from the transition points, where someone can move between citizenship and non-citizenship, or where the status itself is contested?

Please send abstracts of 200-300 words to Tendayi Bloom (, with your full name and title, a couple of sentences about yourself (up to a maximum of 100 words), and full contact details (email address and postal address) by 5pm Central European Time on Wednesday 15th May 2013. Abstracts will be selected by the end of May, and you will be informed in early June of a decision.

Panel Convenor:

Tendayi Bloom (UNU-GCM Barcelona)


This workshop is organized by the United Nations University Institute on Globalization, Culture and Mobility (UNU-GCM Barcelona) by Tendayi Bloom.

UNU-GCM Barcelona aims to contribute to good governance, cultural diversity, democracy and human rights through a better understanding of cultural mobility and diversity in the context of globalization. For more information, please consult our website

Tendayi Bloom works as a Research Fellow at UNU-GCM Barcelona. She has taught and published in the fields of Political Theory, Ethics, and Politics. Her work focuses on applying her range of disciplinary backgrounds to work that ameliorates rights acquisition of non-citizens in a variety of contexts.


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