Panels O-Z

Workshop Title Convenors
Paternalism and Libertarian Paternalism Kalle Grill
Pluralism, Politics and Practical Reason Garvan Walshe
Power and Freedom Pamela Pansardi and Pete Morriss
Private Property, Land and Natural Resources Kerstin Budde and Kim Angell
Punishment and Legitimacy Richard Child
Real Realist Legitimacy Rob Jubb and Enzo Rossi
Role Ethics Alex Barber and Sean Cordell
Slavery and Emancipation Nathaniel Adam Tobias Coleman and Simon Roberts-Thomson
Social and Political Change Martin Beckstein
The E.U.’s ¬†Public Reason A.J. Wolthius
The Political Turn in Animal Liberation Steve Cooke, Les Mitchell and Tony Milligan
The Politics of Agonism Annette Zimmermann and Marius Ostrowski
The Social and Political Thought of J.S. Mill Evangelia Sembou
Thinking the Economy Lisa Herzog and Andrew Walton
Well-Being of Children Gottfried Schweiger and Gunter Graf

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