Power and Freedom

Power and Freedom

Theories, Conceptions and Mutual Relations

The workshop aims at bringing together scholars interested in the definition of the concepts of power, domination and freedom, as well as in the analysis of their mutual relations.

In contemporary analytical political theory, very few studies have concentrated specifically on the study of power, and very little attention has been devoted to it in more general attempts to produce normative theories of society. However, the quite recent diffusion of Philip Pettit’s idea of ‘freedom as non-domination’ has belatedly – and partially – renewed the interest in the definition of power, in particular on the part of those scholars interested in defining the unfreedom-engendering implications of power. One of the aims of this panel is then to bring power back in the philosophical debate, and to discuss and analyze its role in normative political theory. Another is to think about freedom in relation to power rather than in isolation from it.

We welcome contributions on one of the following topics:

  • the definition of power, freedom, domination;
  • the relations (conceptual or substantive) between power and freedom;
  • the unfreedom-engendering effects of power or domination;
  • the differences between Liberal and Republican approaches to power and freedom.

If you are interested in taking part in the workshop, please send a 500-words abstract before May 31st to: pamela.pansardi@unipv.it. We warmly welcome earlier expressions of interest – with or without an abstract.

Panel Convenors:

Peter Morriss (National University of Ireland – Galway)

Pamela Pansardi (University of Pavia)


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